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A holistic approach to health & fitness through Yoga, Energy Work & More...

Mindful Motions by Nancy Bures

Introducing the


Non-Invasive, Drug-Free Wellness

Interested in a non-invasive, drug-free way to promote stress reduction, improve metabolism, balance, mobility and focus?

What is Mindful Motions

Each session with Nancy is a carefully cultivated flow of techniques, customized for what you need in that moment. 


Based on the Sierra Bender 4 Body Fit™ Method, a Mindful Motions session utilizes breath work, various yoga postures and weights to build strength, improve flexibility and balance energy flow - all of which contribute to natural healing and bringing about alignment from within. 

What are the 4-Bodies?
Based on the Sierra Bender 4 Body Fit™ Method




Surrender & Allow

Return to feeling connected with a strong sense of self by tuning into your own wisdom.

Tap into healing by learning from & feeling your own energy.



Balance & Learn

Dispel old thought patterns or belief

systems using 

your own intuition

& intelligence



Release & Love

Release old triggers & leave old emotional baggage behind.

Stand on your

own two feet in 

courage & empowerment.



Ground & Grow

Relieve tension, gain flexibility and strength from your inner self,

which leads to stability

within your entire 

physical body.

Being Mindful in Motion

Whether it be through personal training, yoga, Reiki, or teaching Kids, or Silver Sneakers, Nancy has been leading in the health & fitness arena in many ways for over 30 years.  

Just going on 5 years, not sure if she would walk again, she is healing her body and is recovering from what the medical profession diagnosed as "transverse myelitis" that began with a total loss of feeling of her left side, rib cage down to the whole foot and on the right side, luckily,  the lower leg and foot.   


Through the process of recovery, "grit and grind, as she would say, or "sweat and tears", she would show up for herself on her mat, whether it be to cry, barely move, try a move, work with a weight or weights, or do a total flow or 4-body fit workout, she discovered how to translate what she is learning by feeling and turning it into a healing practice so she can now teach and  share using the 4-Body Fit Method. 

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Crystal Salt

Recognize Who You Are.

Realize Your Worth. 

Release Trauma of All Kinds.

Redefine Your Body. 

At Saturday morning yoga, Nancy invited us on a uniquely plotted journey toward a vital union of body, mind, heart & spirit.  Its an unusual challenge, with potential growth in each of these four dimensions.

Robert |Clearwater Beach

I love Nancy's class! Her class is always challenging but she shows modifications for everything.  She is also very informative. 

Diana | Pinellas County 

In Nancy's Vinayasa Flow, she seamlessly moves with grace and spirit.   She invites me to do the same.  

Elana| Palm Harbor 

Awesome yoga class? Especially awesome for those of us who love to learn something new.  Nancy's style is a fluid blend of mind, body and spirit.  She guides us to a place of discovery and connection with our bodies with the goal of understanding our own self.   Every asana Nancy does is an invitation so if it's not your yoga practice, she will offer modifications as needed.  

Norie | Pinellas County 


Private Sessions

Setup a Personal-Power workout or group session via Zoom or in person doing the 4-Body Fit Method.

(Includes:  Breath work, a posture or 2, an upper and lower body segment with weights. 


30 minutes = $45.00 

60 minutes = $65.00

15 minutes =  $20.00  - most of the time this is all you need! 

Bemer sessions offered for pain/inflammation = $65.00 

Virtual or In-Person
One-on-One or Small Group Sessions 
Team Building Events 

Chair Yoga = $5        
7001 142nd Street 
Down Yonder Community Center 
Friday mornings @ 10:00 a.m. 

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